KARACHI - Baloch nationalist parties and relatives of missing persons on Sunday staged a protest against an operation against Baloch people and human right violations by security forces in different parts of Balochistan.Under the platform of Baloch National Movement (BNM) and Baloch Human Rights Organisation (BHRO), a large number of workers gathered outside the Press Club on Sunday. They were carrying placards inscribed with writings calling for end to the operation against workers of Baloch nationalist parties and other innocent people in Turbat, Mashkay and other areas. The protesters alleged that the security forces had raided on houses of armless people, killing Baloch youths and committing gross human right violations.They alleged that the security forces had abducted innocent people and killed a number of others through gunship helicopters. The demonstrators also complained that at least 100 houses were set afire by the security forces. The protesting workers appealed to human rights organisations and the United Nations to intervene, and stop the tyranny against the Balochs. If the United Nations could take action in other parts of the world, then why it could not do the same in Balochistan.