SIALKOT - Federal Minister for National Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Sunday that the PPP would get further political boom across the country under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, paving the way for political and economic stability.

She was addressing a public meeting at Kotli Loharaan near Sialkot. Flanked by Ch Tahir Sultan Advocate, an advisor to AJK Prime Minister, and MPA Tahir Mehmood Hundali, she said that Bilawal had a political agenda to follow in the footsteps of his mother Benazir Bhutto and his grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to continue the democratic journey to serve the poor without any discrimination. Bilawal would continue the tradition of political excellence of the Bhutto family, she added.

The minister urged the masses to reject those shattered their trust and stole the mandate of the people and plundered the national exchequer in the past. Earlier, addressing a “Shaheed-e-Jamhooriyat” seminar held at Kotli Loharaan, Dr Firdous said that the PPP had a history of political sacrifices, as the Bhutto family always strengthened democracy in the country even by sacrificing their lives.

She added that the PPP was the guardian of the Constitution and democracy in the country, as democracy was on its right track towards the political and economic stability. She said that the true democracy is getting boost now in the country followed by the effective political strategy of the PPP government. She claimed that these political reforms were also bringing positive changes to the political attitude of the people. She added that the poor were the actual political power of the PPP as they always voted for the PPP. The PPP was successfully foiling every anti democracy conspiracy of the political orphans and jugulars, who stole the mandate of the masses in past and were now busy in hatching the anti democracy conspiracies.

The minister narrated that it was the first time in country’s political history that any democratic government elected by the masses was completing its constitutional tenure. She mentioned that the political jugulars were now thoughtless that how they would go to the people to get votes for the coming general elections.

She narrated that it was the demand of the day that the politicians should serve the masses without their political affiliations by separating the benefits of state and politics. Earlier, talking to the local notables at Koobay Chak-Bajwat and Sialkot, she narrated that the PPP government would soon overcome the persisting energy crisis and was making hectic efforts to keep the industrial wheel moving by insuring some drastic efforts. Talking to the media, she said that the PPP firmly believed in making practical steps for serving the masses instead of making high slogans of changing fate of the people. She said that the PPP was the most popular political party in all the provinces and will make the next government by winning the general elections.