There is a need to educate our youth about moral values that they seemed to forsaken. Pakistan is a country where people used to learn these values sitting at the feet of their grandparents, parents and teachers. And there are still quite a number of people who are adhering to high moral standards. The world today is in turmoil and we have lost faith in God and adopted unedifying ways for personal gains.

For ages, we believed in joint family system, sticking together in joy and sorrow. But today, we find families where they have no one to turn to in time of need. As children we were taught an important value called, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, but nowadays it has become common to stay awake till late at night viewing television or simply gossiping. The youth of today hardly ever have the pleasure and of watching the sun rise and the lack of physical exercise has turned them into couch potatoes.

Parents are the most respected and priceless gift from God but still we don’t realize their importance and neglect them by giving preferences to other things. Most children of this age only pay lip service to respect their parents, at the disobeying them.

Our old values of thrift and shunning of material comforts are giving way to overspending and luxury. We have to educate our youth about values before they are completely lost in their quest for material wealth and power. The onus is not only on parents, but also on educationists and spiritualists to educate the today’s generation about the ‘real’ wealth.


Lahore, December 25.