This is with reference to article by Mohammad Jamil ‘Fair trial bill sounds fair’ (Dec 26) in which he has rightly welcomed and supported the fair trial bill. Since the terrorists use modern technologies to plan and attack their targets it is essential that the state investigators and prosecutors should have access to modern techniques to make their case strong. Terrorists are not only killing innocent citizens and damaging property, but are also distorting the image of Pakistan as a sovereign state. They are hitting sensitive areas and assets of vital importance, but are often let go by the courts for lack of evidence and other procedural flaws.

In order to provide adequate legal cover to the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and intelligence agencies there was a dire need to devise legislation which could allow the LEAs to perform their duties without fear. The bill envisages that electronic material and data on the phone calls would now be used as evidence in a court of law.

The bill sends a message to the terrorists that now it will be difficult for them to get away with their criminal activities. Similarly media analysts must also think positively and support the bill which is certainly a good step to fight the menace of terrorism. However anyone found misusing this facility should be brought to justice. We must understand one thing very clearly that security of the country precedes everything else.


Karachi, December 26.