KARACHI – Sindh Minister for Education & Literacy Pir Mazharul Haq has directed the education secretary to establish non-formal literacy centres for children who could not go to school for certain reasons. The orders from the minister came after an interaction with some children working at a tea stall in Gharibabad area of Dadu City. The children told the minister that they were unable to get education due to poverty. Pir Mazhar instructed Dadu Education Officer Sher Zaman Soomor to establish three non formal literacy centres in Machi Market, Gharibabad and Marck Pur localities to provide education to children. The minister requested retired teachers to voluntarily teach students at these non-formal literacy centres, so that children could get education. The minister mingled with the children working at the hotel and took a tea with them. There he also watched the one-day match between Pakistan and Indian cricket teams.