The ruthless killings of innocent volunteers administering polio drops has frustrated many who are fighting a holy war against a disease which puts millions of Pakistanis at risk. The campaign was scaled down on Wednesday by the UNICEF due to more than eight killings in different part of the country. Let’s not forget that the obscurantists have kidnapped and murdered foreign NGO workers in the past also to ruin the immunization campaign as according to them it is against the Islamic precepts.

According to their ridiculous version, the polio drops contains a substance that causes infertility with a view to curtailing the ever rising population of Pakistan. In 2011, as many as 200 children were afflicted by poliomyelitis in our country and the last decade saw a horrible and frightening figure of these cases. At present, there are 33 million children to be immunized with the help of almost 90,000 health workers to administer the polio drops.

No doubt, polio is still prevalent in Nigeria and Afghanistan but no further case has been reported since January 2011 in both the countries. It is clear that it is a conspiracy to alienate our state from the comity of nations. It is high time that our religious clerics came forward in the tribal areas and issued edicts that polio vaccination is in consonance with the teachings of Islam.

For the government should be reserved the most scathing censure by the civil society as it has miserably failed to provide security to the polio staff. It tugs at my heartstrings to think that countless children may get paralyzed if the campaign is not restarted soon.


Wah Cantt, December 26.