I had to travel from Rawalpindi to Lahore along with my family on December 28. Keeping the extreme weather conditions in view I decided to travel by train. I approached Rawalpindi Railway Station and obtained five tickets for Lower AC Class on revised exorbitant rates of Rs 630 each in order to have a comfortable journey. I was issued the tickets for bogey No. 8 but, as I entered the bogey, I had the shock of my life: the condition of the so-called ‘AC Class’ was dreadful. It was a gloomy compartment with no proper lightning arrangement, no heating at all, there was water flowing on the floor due to some leakage and the windows had broken glasses. The seats (benches) were tightly fixed leaving very little space to move or even to breathe. In other words it seemed more like a prisoners coach or a cattle van.

When I complained about the condition and tried to return the tickets, I was told to have my tickets upgraded for the Deluxe Class with an additional amount of Rs 850 and as I had no other choice I did it. However, the said Deluxe Coach had much better facilities with everything in order. But the snacks and tea served during the journey were not only very expensive, but also of a bad quality. I hope that Railway authorities will keep in mind the flagging service and try to improve it.


Lahore, December 29.