The introduction of CNG as a substitute fuel to run in the vehicles provided great relief to the public suffering because of increases in petrol prices at regular intervals. But CNG has now become a curse and is hitting motorists’ pocket hard on account of its non-availability on five days of a week and the ever-increasing prices. Though other regions, including the federal capital, are also affected, Punjab is the worst hit, with CNG available on a single day in a week. On Sunday, the situation in Islamabad took an ugly turn when those waiting in long queues were told that CNG had run out of stock. Furious protests followed; CNG stations and public property were damaged, bringing police to the scene with tear gas and batons. A number of taxi and rickshaw drivers and motorists were arrested by the Kohsar police. Lahore witnessed the longest-ever queues forming since night before in front of the filling stations. On account of the day being a weekly holiday and the long lines at CNG stations, vehicular traffic remained thin. Concerned authorities must take immediate measures to rid the people of their misery. Ogra must decide the price issue as fast as possible based on the rationale that the public is not fleeced, as the Supreme Court has directed.