OKARA - The robbers looted hundreds of thousands of rupees and gold ornaments in two strikes here in the district.

As per detail, robbers snatched gold ornaments and cash from a family near village Waan Garki here the other day.

The police said that Rana Mohammad Naeem, a resident of Pakpattan was going in a car to Faisalabad via Gogera.

Meanwhile, three motorcycle riders signalled to stop the car near the village. When he tried to speed up the vehicle, the dacoits opened fire on the car. As a result, the tyres of the car got burst.

The robbers took husband and wife hostage. They deprived them of 16 tolas gold ornaments, Rs45,000 and cellphones.

Meanwhile, eight bandits entered the house of Mohammad Sharif, a resident of Hazrat Karmanwala

They held all the members of family hostage and locked them in a room. They looted gold ornaments and Rs0.7 million from them.

The police have registered a case.