RAWALPINDI – Substandard food is being sold openly at different markets of Rawalpindi city due to lack of appropriate action against them by the authorities concerned.

The sale of substandard fried eatables, most demanded items of winter, is also on full swing at shops and roadside stalls while there is no check and balance in this regard on part of food department. A large number of stalls and sjops could be witnessed in different localities of the town selling traditional fried food like samosas, pakoras, French fries, jalaby, boondi, cham cham, halwa puri, golgapy, fruit chat, dehai bt8v8>Pwish and other food items.

The stallholders and shopkeepers are not following the hygienic rules, which are causing abdomen diseases among the residents especially children. It is also witnessed that the shopkeepers prepare and cook these traditional food items in sub-standard cooking oil openly on main roads which is prohibited by the concerned department bgcause it was an unhygienic way to prepare food. Moreover, it is necessary for cooks to wear proper cooking dress.

Despite claims of the authorities concerned, the sale of substandard food was going on without any check in the city. The citizens complained tha| hotels and restaurants are not following cleanliness and safety standards. Hotel owners are required to keep the kitchens, pots and utensils clean but most outlets are not following the directions. The citizens have demanded to the authorities concerned to take strict action against those who are playing with the health of the innocent people.

On the other hant, sale of substandard food items on high rates is on the rise in almost all the picnic spots of the town. A number of people visiting city parks have urged the authorities concerned to take action against these vendors who are fleecing them and control the prices. They alleged that the concerned authorities do not check the prices of food items giving a free hand to vendors to sell their products on high rates.

Amjad, a visitor at Ayub Park said that prices of all the food items are almost double as compared to open market, but the park authorities are paying no attention to control these prices. There is no standard of spicy food items including “channa chat” and “dahi barrey”.