ISLAMABAD - Residents of the federal capital have expressed grave concern over the increasing number of stray dogs in the area.

“The roaming herds of gods have sparked a heightened harassment amongst the residents of area,” said a resident. Herds of stray dogs are roaming freely in the area while the authorities concerned are yet to launch a dog-hunt drive to save the inhabitants from dog-bite incidents.

Stray dogs are seen everywhere in the sector - outside the schools, colleges and hotels. During the night and in the wee hours, stray dogs come out on roads, chase motorcyclists and other vehicles, causing road accidents.

On the other hand, the cases of dog bites and attacks on road users have also also been increased, and parents are apprehensive about the safety of their schoolchildren.

The residents said that the movement of people, especially the elders and women, has become difficult during the evening in the presence of a large number of dogs. They urged the authorities concerned to launch a dog hunt in capital.