ISLAMABAD – Wall chalking throughout the residential and commercial areas of the federal capital is marring the beauty of the city, while frivolous attempts of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to erase them have added to the disaster.

During the election in the CDA, both the major parties did wall chalking in the city. Similarly, advertisements of many products could be seen on the walls of the federal city, but the authority did not take any action against the elements involved.

The civic authority official now finally tried to erase the wall chalking and white washed the advertisements in irregular patterns that made the walls look uglier. Moreover, it also spared some advertisements on the walls for some reasons best known to the CDA officials.

The citizens residing in different sectors of Islamabad, especially of G-6, G-7 and G-8, talking to INP, said that walls of houses and other properties in all the residential and commercial areas of the city were giving a look of some derelict place where anyone could write anything without any fear. They asked the high-ups of the CDA to take notice of the situation and take strict action against the elements involved in wall chalking, besides properly erasing them.