PESHAWAR - Tehreek-e-Istiqlal President, Rehmat Khan Wardak, on Sunday termed Taliban’s talks offer a good omen and urged the government to start negotiations with Taliban and quit the so-called war on terror so as to restore peace in the country.“If the US and the Europe can hold talks with Taliban, why not our government,” he questioned adding that talks offer by Taliban was a good omen, therefore, the government must take it serious and initiate negotiations with Taliban. Speaking at a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, Rehmat Khan Wardak said that peace could only be restored after successful talks with Taliban. He said that the government and political parties should get united and must ask the US to leave Afghanistan forthwith, as peace would restore after the US withdrawal from the war-shattered Afghanistan.In the same breath, Rehmat Khan Wardak said that government must quit the so-called war on terror. Flanked by Tehreek-e-Istiqlal Sindh Chairman Khan Shad Muhammad Khan, KPK chairman Adnan Syed, he said that in order to pull the country out of existing problems, it was necessary to much to hold general elections in the country.He, however, asked Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) to hold coming elections on the basis of proportional representation, besides, number of seat of federal and provincial assemblies and senate should also be doubled.  Opposing the creation of new provinces on ethnic and linguistic basis, Rehmat Khan Wardak suggested the government to establish at least 19 provinces in the country on administrative grounds. For this purpose, each province must have at least one corer of population, adding this formula would be workable and no one would have objection over it. Replying to a query, he said that it is need of the hour to construct Kalabagh Dam immediately, so that to cope with the growing energy crisis and fulfill the water needs for irrigation purposes as well.  He maintained that construction of KBD would usher in progress and development.He said that Pakistan has bored over100billion US dollar in the so-called war on terror, if this huge amount was spent on mega developmental projects, then there would have no energy crisis and no unemployment in the country.