ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Monday successfully paid the 26th instalment under IMF/SBA facility amounting to SDR71 million equivalent $109 million, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) spokesperson said.

He said that with repayment of current installment, Pakistan to-date has repaid to IMF SDRs 4,170 million equivalent $6,361 million since Jul-2011, of which SDRs 3,619 million equivalent $5,513 million was under SBA facility.

The spokesperson further said that during the current fiscal year, Pakistan has repaid to IMF SDR1,327 million equivalent $ 2,027 million; which include SDR1,234 million equivalent $1,886 million under SBA and SDR37 million equivalent $57 million under ENDA.

After the current repayment, remaining amount due under IMF/SBA until Sep-2015 is SDRs1,317 million, SBP spokesperson said.