Los Angeles-Megan Fox doesn’t trust Charlie Sheen. The actress was against her husband Brian Austin Green joining the cast of Anger Management full-time because she’s wary of its controversial star, RadarOnline is reporting.

“She has always kept her distance from Charlie Sheen, that is not somebody she wants or needs to associate with,” a source said. Green joined the the FX show as a full cast member, playing Sean, the boyfriend of Sheen’s character’s ex-wife.–EX

“The Anger Management money was something that they could not turn down and was guaranteed work for Brian every week for the rest of the year,” the source said.

“But Megan is glad that association with Sheen is done now and the job is over for now because it was really hard on the new family. He was working 18 hours days on the show, and that’s been really depressing for everybody. “It basically made her into a single mother, but again, they needed the money.”