Former Prime Minister and PPP Senior Vice Chairman Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that former president Musharraf’s trial should be held on his October 12, 1999 action as ouster of an elected democratic government was a national tragedy.

Talking to the journalists here after offering the funeral for father of federal secretary Ijaz Chaudhry on Monday, he added that the October 12, 1999 incident should be investigated so that the masses could know about the facts. Answering a question on Musharraf’s stance that some other important personalities also supported his action, Gilani said that he demanded investigation from October 12 so that the facts could be known. When his attention was drawn towards former president’s lament that he was not given justice, Gilani said that no one could get justice here. “Under which law I was ousted? It’s a big question mark,” he questioned. He claimed that he was sent home for making efforts to retrieve the rights of South Punjab. He added that the party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also openly talked about the deprivation of South Punjab. He said that he had filed review appeal against his ouster in presence of former Chief Justice and personally appeared before the court. “Let’s see what the new CJ says on this case,” he added.

Referring to the sit-in staged by the PTI against drone attacks, he said that the hits could not be stopped through mere sit-ins. “The government should follow the example of Iran and resolve this issue through talks with the US,” he suggested.

He said that price hike added the miseries of people and today citizens wanted the PPP regime back. Responding to a question on Bilawal Bhutto’s criticism of senior political leaders, he said that he was chairman of party for the last six years and if he said anything in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, he had every right to say so. “Those who call Bilawal a child today, used to call Benazir a kid yesterday. Let me tell you that fame and political maturity has nothing to do with the age,” he claimed. He added that Bilawal earned popularity in a very short period and it would increase with every passing day.

Referring to speculations regarding mid-term elections, he said that the country could not afford these polls and the PPP was strongly opposed to this option. He added that the PPP was the only party that rendered tremendous sacrifices for the sake of democracy in the country. He said that he put Multan and South Punjab on path of progress which was appreciated by entire world. He demanded the government to accomplish all projects launched in Multan during his regime and make Multan-Faisalabad Motorway and Multan International airport functional forthwith.