LAHORE  - The Nation Editor-in-Chief Dr Majid Nizami has said that Muslim League is the founding party of Pakistan. It is credited with organizing and uniting the disorganized and scattered Muslims of the sub-continent into a compact and cohesive nation and securing an independent and sovereign state for them.

Dr Majid Nizami has  wished that all the Muslim Leagues now functioning in the country may merge into a single Muslim League which should strictly follow the ideas, aims and objectives of the Quaid-i-Azam’s and AIlama Muhammad lqbal’s Muslim League.

He expressed these views while addressing to a seminar on the foundation of Pakistan Muslim League held at Aiwan-i¬Karkunaan-i Tehreek- i -Pakistan under the aegis of the Nazari-i-Pakistan Trust in collaboration with the Pakistan Movement Workers Trust here on Monday.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla, Dean Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of the Punjab, delivered a special lecture on the occasion. The notable personages attending- the event included  Naeem Hussain Chattha, Aslam Zar Advocate, Rana Muhammad Arshad, Aziz Zafar Azad, Begum Hamid Rana, Shehzad Khan, Ms. Rubina Ashfaq, Miss Sumaira Safdar and Rana Abrar Ahmad. A large number of people from different walks of life also attended the event. The Nazaria-’-Pakistan Trust Secretary Shahid Rashid conducted the proceedings.

Dr. Majid Nizarni further observed that this auspicious day gives us an opportunity to ponder over our unenviable past performance which led to the unfortunate conversion of East Pakistan to Bangladesh where the JI leaders and workers were being hanged or imprisoned by Sheikh Haseena Wajid at the instigation of India. Then there is the Kashmir issue which we have failed to get resolved in spite being a nuclear power.

India is spending huge amounts of money on bribing the intellectuals so that they may refute the two-nation theory and the ideology of Pakistan. To my mind, the merger of all the Muslim Leagues into a single one would promote cohesion and unity in the nation leading to the resolution of all the outstanding issues and ensuring its survival and existence for all times to come, he remarked.

Professor Dr. Muhammad lqbal Chawla traced the history of the Muslim League through its different phases of development. It was founded on 30 December, 1906 at Shah Bagh, Dhaka, by the personages belonging to the middle or even lower middle class, not by the feudalists as is often misleadingly alleged by some pseudo-scholars. Nor did the Bnitishers have to do anything with its foundation as was alleged by the Hindus press in order to lessen its importance, he said.

He said it was the party of the common people who saw the fulfillment of their aspirations in it. In fact it was the All-india Congress that was founded by the 72 elite with Lord Hulme backing them.

The Lucknow Pact 1916 was a great achievement of the Quaid-i-Azam which not only secured a separate electorate for the Muslims but also implied the recognition of the two-nation theory by the All-India Congress. It established the fact that Muslim League was the only party representing the interests of the Muslims of the sub-continent.

 The Congress repented thus blunder till the partition of India. The not-so-good performance of the All-India Muslim League in the 1936 elections was due to the fact that the regional parties like the Unionist Party had come to the top all over the sub-continent. Pundit Nehru made the greatest blunder of his political life by refusing to make coalition governments, thus ensuring the creation of Pakistan.

Lord Wavell observed that if Nehru had accepted this suggestion, the Britishers would have left India by 1939.

The cruelties and excesses perpetrated by the Congress ministries established the fact that the Congress had no regard for the interests of the Muslims.

The Quaid-i-AZam established the women and students wings of the Muslim League and organized the Muslims by undertaking tours to every nook and corner of the sub-continent.

The women came out onto the streets canvassing for the Muslims League. The MSF was greatly helpful in resolving many a political impasse. The Pakistan Resolution, 1940 paved the way for the creation of Pakistan.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chawla observed that after the passing away of the Quaid-i-Azarn, and the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan, the popularity of the Muslim League started diminishing. If it had not happened; Bangladesh would not have been coined.

Our survival depends on following the Quaid-i-Azam’s ideas in letter and spirit. He appreciated the policy of reconciliation followed by Asif Ali Zardari who allowed Shahbaz Sharif to form the government in the Punjab.

Similarly Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has set a good example by allowing the PTI to form its government in KPK. Pakistan is an ideological state. Eliminating hatred, we must follow me path of reconciliation and make our country an ideal Islamic, welfare and democratic state corresponding to the vision of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Muhammad lqbal.