Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman PPP comes across as an immature person the moment he starts waxing lyrical like he did the other day. His speech on his mother’s death anniversary was full of criticism, and name calling. He called Imran Khan ‘Buzhdil Khan’ which was hitting below the belt and completely un acceptable behavior from a family of politicians. His father Mr Zardari on the other hand called Musharraf, a ‘Billa’.

Bilawal has been educated from a prestigious University and excellent schools but his speech reflected a person who was just a beginner. His choice of words needs to improve, whoever writes his speeches should make him sound mature rather than a young boy out on a fling.

His grandfather made friends with the local man and that was his strength, but it came from knowing what they wanted. Bilawal comes across as a completely new kid on the block. Most people in Pakistan can understand his pain and suffering over his mother’s death and he has every right to blame the individuals and curse them, who were responsible for the assassination but that has to be done in a logical manner.

Bilawal should have exercised restraint  on this solemn occasion. He made a fervent and strong appeal to the ‘Jialas’ to comeback, and strengthen the dwindling party. He assured the dedicated workers that the party would emerge much stronger in 2014 elections. He also declared that all the children of Benazir Bhutto were ready to enter the political arena. He must assess his chances of success and if he wants to be a strong contestant he needs to base his speeches on facts and reason. Having said that, something in his speech that must have made the soul of his departed mother really proud was his unequivocal condemnation of Taliban and their killing spree. Not a bad show. With time, he will grow into a seasoned politician and who knows maybe one day walk in the footsteps of his grandfather.


Lahore, December 28.