ISLAMABAD - Despite heighten sports politics, POA power tussle, pressure from critics and inside conspirators Pakistan Tennis Federation still remains the most active sports body of the country while Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi kept Pakistan name on international circuit with impressive performances.

PTF president Dr Kaleem Imam despite being stationed in Sudan kept the federation functioning in top gear by holding tennis activities throughout the and sending teams/players to participate in international features. But how unfortunate that council members of the PTF in country kept playing politics and made moves to damage game in process to settle score with him, as he is generally known to snub to fair weather friends and favour seeking persons.

The year 2013 was an eventful year for the PTF. The POA issue deprived them of participation in Youth Games at China and Islamic solidarity Games held in Indonesia where they were runners up on the previous occasion. Neutral venue option first ever at Myanmar for Davis Cup tie ended in referee malicious decision and created a fiasco. Though subsequently ITF regretted, Kiwis tennis wizards apologised, with rules being changed to some consolation and moral victory for tennis lovers at the end.

The PTF sent players and teams in 10 international features which included Davis Cup, U-14, ITF Asian 14 & Under 16 Championships, Fed Cup, Junior Davis Cup, Junior Fed cup, World Junior Tennis competitions Asia/Oceania pre-qualifying event (Boys U-14), Qatar Asian Junior Team Cup U-14 championship 2013 and other events.

On the national front, the PTF organised 17 national ranking tournaments in all categories, mustering funds and sponsors to hold tennis features remained the main challenge, which was augmented by continuous non-support of the council members to hold tennis activities at their forum and juristic areas. The PTF also organised four coaching camps and five training camps at various metropolis.

On international arena, Asiam continued to shine in doubles events at international forum to be ranked at 11 in the world. In 2013, Aisam partnering with Jean-Julien Rojer of the Nertherlands won the doubles open titles of Miami and Stockholm Open and the pair also qualified for the year-ending tournament of ATP in London. Aisam would renew his partnership with India’s Rohan Boppana in next year.

On National front, Aqeel Khan continued to hold number one spot. Usha Suhail, Eman Qureshi and Mahin Dada did well at national and international levels. Mudassar maintained top slot in juniors with Muzammil and Nofil striving well to excel in the junior levels. Ahmed Ch of lately begins to outshine many in the features.

The PTF also held a number of coordination throughout the year; with special general council meeting held on 19th August at Islamabad. Senator Syed Dilawar Abbas was elected vice president south and member of board of director for the term of 2013-2015 at the annual general meeting of the Asian Tennis Federation held at Tehran on the 29th September. He was also elected as chairman Finance Committee of the ATF. Ahmed Jamal Mirza was elected as chairman seniors committee of ATF. Syed Kaleem Imam was elected as member of constitution committee.

Jalil Khan currently Pakistan no 7 in men's singles and No 3 in the men's doubles also associated with coaching and working full time on coaching. Last year he traveled to USA for coaching courses. Kamran Khalil former top junior player and top 10 player in the men's is now associated with coaching. He passed the ITF Level one from Pakistan. Passed his ITF Level II coaching course from India and in near future he could be ITF Level III coach, the first one to achieve that feat. Some promising active coaches who are taking part in developing tennis players in the country are: Muhammad Khalid-Lahore, Rashid Malik-Lahore, Mushaf Zia - Islamabad, Fazal e Subhan and Kamran Khalil - Islamabad, Nomi Qamar - Karachi, and Jalil Khan - Karachi.

Aisam holds the record in the Davis Cup as best player ever produced by Pakistan. He holds the record in the Davis Cup for most total wins (52 wins-23 loses), most singles 32 wins - 18 loses), most doubles 20 wins - 5 loses and best doubles team with Aqeel with whooping 17 wins and only 4 loses. Aqeel from Karachi is Pakistan no 1 in men's singles as well as in men's doubles since 2000. He is the only player in the history of Pakistan Tennis who remained Pakistan no 1 for 13 years in running. He holds many records for himself as well as Pakistan. He holds the record in the Davis Cup for most years played (16 years), most ties played (39 Davis Cup ties) and best doubles team with Aisam. But to great disappointment for many talented players, Aqeel could not get any chance to excel on the international arena due to financial restraints. It is a pity that only resourceful persons, who can either afford the expenditures or have powerful links to get the PTF funding, can only get a chance to play at international level.

Arif Qureshi and M Khalil participated in the ATF administrative workshop in Thailand. Shahzad Akhtar Alvi, ITF white badge umpire was selected as chair umpire by ITF for Davis Cup Group III and IV held at Dubai. He was also selected as International Technical Official for 3rd Islamic Games 2013 held at Indonesia. Meanwhile, Chacha PTF Raja Zamir working since 1995 passed away due to cardiac arrest.

The future of Pakistan tennis looks bright as some quality players started to create waves and send warnings to rivals. Pakistan needs to find replacements of Aisam and Aqeel sooner rather than later, as despite some players appear on the horizon, but they are still far behind to even think about replacing the two greats of Pakistan tennis.