Declining to comment on the prospect of the BJP’s Narendra Modi becoming the prime minister, outgoing Pakistan High Commissioner Salman Bashir  said any regime change in India would not affect bilateral ties.

“We respect every leader, every political party, and it being India’s internal matter, we don’t have an opinion on that. The common denominator is the people of India. Therefore our reach out is to the people,” Bashir told media persons here when asked to give his views about Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate.

“It is not proper for me or for anybody from Pakistan to be here in India and comment either on Indian political process or any situation in any other country,” he added.

With the Lok Sabha elections due in India early next year, Bashir said any change in the regime will not come in the way of the mutual ties which both the countries have been working to improve.

“I don’t think that regime change really matters. The relation between states are state relations. They are not personal or party specific. It is the considered policy of Pakistan to forge friendly and cooperative relations with India.”

Bashir asserted that Pakistan was a firm believer in democracy.