LOS ANGLES: Russell Brand loves stand-up because he can chat about anything he likes. The British comedian has become more known for starring in Hollywood movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall over the last few years, but still enjoys performing comedy routines in front of live audiences. He did that during 2013 and loved having the opportunity to open up about anything he liked.

“It was really challenging and exciting. When I’m doing my stand-up, I can talk about whatever I want and I’m only responsible to my own personal morality - which as you know is a very brittle mechanism,” he laughed to UK magazine Heat.–BE

Russell went into the audience while performing this year to get his fans involved in the show. He enjoyed it somewhat, but soon wondered if he should have thought more about what he was doing.

“Yes, I find it very fertile. Although, as soon as I filmed the show for DVD I started thinking, ‘There, I’ve done that now.’ And then I was in Portsmouth the next night and I thought, ‘F**k, I’ve got to do that thing again.’ Can’t we just skylark about,” he giggled.

Russell also gave his views on the holidays. Rather than looking forward to partying and receiving gifts, for him the festive season is a time for self-reflection.

“I try to get into the thing it’s meant to be. I think, ‘What is it about me that’s nice?’ I’m kind to others and all that. [Then I’ll think] What is it about me that’s a bit basic? I have basic desires sometimes, so I try to knock them on the head for Christmas,” he explained.