The two day International Peace Conference, under the joint auspices of World Punjabi Congress and International Sufi Council, finally culminated with a note of optimism and the participants adopted the Lahore Declaration. Attended by 35 high-profile delegates from India and 15 from ten other countries, the conference aimed at persuading the writers and literary figures from the world over, to promote the message of peace, love, tolerance and harmony in their writings. The participants of the conference conceded the writers as the harbinger of peace and acknowledged the fact that there is a need for peace between India and Pakistan. It was also stressed that the amity between the two neighbors can be promoted by arranging more cultural and literary exchanges.

Acknowledging the problem of social unrest that prevails in our society, such conferences and moots are need of the hour. It is only through art, literature, and cultural activities and exchanges of views, that prevailing violence, wave of terrorism and intolerance can be subdued. Therefore, hats off to World Punjabi Congress and International Sufi Council for organizing such an event. The world community must admit that war is no more a solution to their problems and can be resolved peacefully. The growing political and social tension in different regions of the world can be lessened only by arranging and highlighting such activities. Political parties and state institutions should also promote ‘conciliatory’ politics. Consequently, such initiatives should be highlighted as they promote mutual understanding and exchange ideas and cultural and literary heritage of different countries. Such peace moots should be held not only in Pakistan but across the world so that they may serve as a platform to enhance not only bilateral relations between the countries but overall relations in general as well.

The world community must come to know that although Pakistan is a victim of this ‘War on Terror’ it still believes in the peaceful resolution of problems. Besides, the government should recognize its responsibility and endeavor to organize such events on regular basis, to promote peace and harmony not only among its own people but among the world community as a whole.


Lahore, December 27.