Los Angeles-Mark Wahlberg has confessed he did not read US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s book Lone Survivor before playing him in the movie adaptation.

The Fighter star admitted he likes to stick to the script in front of him, and so he never reads the books of films he is going to appear in. Mark told the US Metro: “I don’t read the books before I make the movies. I’ve been in situations many times where you’ve adapted a piece of material and you always feel like something’s been left out. I thought Pete [Berg, the writer/director] did a great job of writing the screenplay. I was completely immersed in the world and felt it.

“I didn’t want to then go back and read the book and start complaining about why this wasn’t in there or what isn’t there. You could debate that for hours.”

Mark plays Marcus in the adaptation of his account of SEAL Team 10’s mission to capture or kill a Taliban leader during the war in Afghanistan. Marcus was the only survivor from the group, although they were all awarded the Navy Cross in 2006.

Mark revealed: “For me, I was fortunate to meet the guy I was playing - spending time with him, having him throughout the entire process and helping me with anything I needed. He’s a very special individual. To see the kind of man he is - I’m certainly inspired to be a better man.”