LAKKI MARWAT: The Wildlife Department on Monday awarded shield to Lakki Marwat The Nation correspondent Ghulam Mursalin Marwat in recognition of his services for conservation of wildlife and environment. DFO Wildlife Khan Malook gave away a special shield to the journalist at a ceremony held in the Divisional Forest Office Wildlife Bannu. SDO Wildlife Abdul Rehman and other officials were also present on the occasion.

Speaking at the ceremony Khan Malook appreciated the role of Lakki Marwat-based journalist Ghulam Mursalin in conservation of wildlife.

He said that journalists were an important segment of the society and they should join hands with the wildlife department to protect animals, birds and environment.

Meanwhile, the Wildlife Department also organized a daylong workshop for hunters to educate them on the conservation of wildlife. Experts said on the occasion that hunters’ education was inevitable to make hunting safe and enjoyable and conserve wildlife as well.

They acquainted the hunters about the hunting licenses eligibility requirements and called upon them to avoid indulging into the illegal practice of hunting.

“The department issues licensees for the possession and hunting of wildlife species especially birds, therefore people fond of hunting should avail licenses and follow relevant rules and laws of hunting,” they maintained.

They told that the wildlife officials would not allow illegal hunting nor they would allow anyone to disturb the natural habitat of wildlife. DFO Khan Malook and SDO Abdul Rehman also spoke on the occasion.–STAFF REPORTER