Of course he would have got an acquittal; he’s Modi’s top man. The head of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Amit Shah, was acquitted of three murder charges on Tuesday in a trial that undermined the government’s promise to usher in a new era of clean politics. He is cleared of the charge of ordering the police to carry out the extrajudicial killings of a gangster - Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife and his friend - when he served as home minister in the state of Gujarat almost a decade ago. He has been acquitted due to lack of evidence, though phone records implicate Shah. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had accused Shah of running an extortion racket with police officers and Sheikh. The murders happened after a falling out between the politician and the gangster, and the police snatched Sheikh from a bus with his wife in 2005. Sheikh was killed in a staged gun battle and his wife’s cremated body was later found in the village of one of the policemen, the CBI report said. Police officers remain on trial for the killings while Shah walks free.

CBI’s credibility has also been broken irreparably. This was evident the day the BJP came to power. The sentiments across India are that soon all BJP criminals will be free, as charges against its members will be dropped one by one. Party workers praise Shah as an efficient administrator, whose sharp political mind has helped him win nearly every election he has overseen in the last three decades as well as this case. Is there any difference between the courts in Pakistan who let off terrorists and courts in India who let off criminals? The BJP has to clean up its image. It is already facing criticism for letting mass conversions happen. But what it cannot change is the fact that criminals now run the country.