Undeniably, Rape is considered as one of the most heinous crimes imaginable in all books of religions and ethics but unfortunately the scourge of rape and murder of innocent children, especially, baby girls have alarmingly surged in our Pakistani society. It reflects nothing but the moral degradation, barbarity and savagery of our society.

Surprisingly, the merciless and mindless rulers were busy with their commemorative arrangements for the 7th death anniversary of BB in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh and that time, a little cute baby namely Sindhu Soomro, age 5, was gang raped and strangled to death by two sick individuals.

From the gruesome situation, it appears that the callous ruling elite and highly paid bureaucracy has forgotten the fundamental responsibility of any government which is the safety and protection of its citizens. That’s why, such like horrible things happen frequently in our society. Sindh is the most insecure and unsafe place for children. Children are reported to be at the highest risk in Larkana division.

Like many others, I am of the opinion that in the wake of prevalent child rape and child abuse cases reported and unreported the death penalty for child rapists, and rigorous penalty for child molestation, would serve as an excellent deterrent mechanism. Above all, internal guidance is needed for Pakistani society. The enlightened individuals, media, educational institutions, among others, should come forward to launch the a moral regeneration movement in the society so that our children are safe.


Islamabad, December 30.