ISLAMABAD: A boy shot girl with a pistol and committed the suicide attempt in Islamabad today. 

According to initial reports, girl came for test in private medical college when boy opened fire on her and then shot himself.

The boy and girl were shifted to a hospital nearby, where theylost their lives due to severe injuries. Police officials told that the incident took place in Social Security Hospital, Islamabad. The boy who shot himself is identified as Bilal Asif and the girl belonged to Mianwali and was identified as Ammara Khan.

Earlier in September, a schoolboy in a private school of Karachi gunned down his female classmate Tuesday morning and then killed himself.

According to reports, teenager Nafroz opened fire on his classmate, Saba, during the assembly session at a private school in Karachi’s Patel Para area, resulting in her immediate death.

However, soon after killing his classmate, the boy committed suicide with the same pistol he used to kill her. Nafroz shot dead his classmate Saba during the assembly session in a school of Pater Para area of Karachi. He then shot himself with the same gun, both died on the spot.