Mismanagement and the presence of large numbers of eve teasers in the Kasur Model Bazaar have made the shopping difficult for women.

The government spent billions of rupees on Kasur Model Bazaar where a large number of garments shops have been set up while house hold items are also available. However, the mismanagement by the local administration and the presence of uncivilised youth in the model bazaar have made the environment worse.

Women have complained several times about the unpleasant incidents occurring to them but the local administration did not take action against them while there is no security for the visitors. Vendors have set up their stalls outside the market and sell their products due to which heavy traffic jam occurs on the roads. Some of the visitors said that the vendors outside the market give bribe to the administration for not removing them. The people had requested the DCO a many times but to no avail, they said.