Police has arrested the alleged killer of IESCO lineman in Islamabad. IESCO worker Mehboob Ahmad was killed in Defense Housing Authority on Wednesday.

An officer from the Sahala Police station told BBC Urdu that Assistant Lineman Mehboob Ahmad tried cut off the electricity meter due to non-payment of bill of the previous three months. Following this both engaged in a brawl and the Army Officer shot the lineman who died on the spot.

According to media sources Major Zahid, with help of his relative Minhaj, buried the dead body in a deserted place in Gojar Khan.

“After the protest by IESCO workers on their colleague's absence, Army started interrogating Major Zahid. After he pleaded guilty, he was handed over to the police,” police sources told BBC Urdu.

“A murder case has been registered against Major Zahid. His accomplice has also been arrested,” the police official added.

Police has stated that both of them will be presented in a local court for remand.

Earlier social media reacted to the news by trending the hashtag #Jutice4Mehboob on Twitter.

Courtesy BBC Urdu