A report, regarding financial loss caused to the traders due to the fire incident in which more than 150 shops of the Cloth Market of Block 2 here were gutted, has been submitted to the Punjab government.

Firefighters also form other cities were called and they succeeded to extinguish the fire after hectic efforts of hours.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had kept close connects with the district administration and also directed essential instruction to fight the fire. Fire brigade staffers faced many difficulties due to encroachments and narrow streets of the bazaar. Scores of traders moved their cloth and other valuables to safer places during the incident. Some sources said that the fire was erupted due to electricity short circuit.

Dozens of people fainted due to suffocation while some shopkeepers lost their conscious over financial loss. However, a mosque situated in the middle of the Chowk of Block 2 remained unscathed from the fire.

Rescue 1122 fire brigade rushed there on intimation while people also reached on the spot and entered in the market to help the fire fighters. Traders and shopkeepers allegedly leveled allegation of theft of cloth and other things during helping work.