Since the creation of Pakistan, after the demise of the popular leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan lacked quality leadership. There were many leaders but none proved to be effective enough to contribute substantially to the country. The gap between the rich and poor is reaching new and never-before-seen heights. Day by day, problems like malnutrition are increasing. Due to inflation, the cost of living in the country increases by the year as the purchasing power of the people either remains stagnant or declines. 

There were multiple times when the military had to take over the political arena of Pakistan and establish some order and it is during that time, unfortunately, that we saw progress rather than in a system of democracy. Mr Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister, has failed completely to work mutually with the opposition parties. Accusations of election rigging and the issue of the Panama Papers heighten the tensions to a great extent. One thing is for sure, if thing continue the way that they are, we may see some undesirable military intervention. 

Currently, majority of leaders in the parliament are raising the issue of Panama Papers and the Supreme Court of Pakistan should act fast on this issue and give its verdict to restore the political confidence in the nation and to give some sort of relief to the system. 


Karachi, November 12.