Farzande Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rashid and the Railway minister briefed the PM about his hundred days performance in the cabinet meeting. He informed the PM on the details of starting trains on new routes, retrieving Railway land from illegal occupants and providing jobs to citizens. He also reported a gain in revenue of Railways. Reportedly, he stood out among all ministers and gained special applaud from the PM.

The work done by him is visible whereas other ministers performance seems more of reiteration of promises with no solid output to back up their rhetoric. It would have been better had every minister unfolded his actual performance, if any, for information of general public. For example, the agricultural minister must have ensured supply of good seed and fertilizer to farmers in a timely manner.

Similarly, home minister must have control over his subordinates and every officer is bound to be present and alert at his workplace to prevent any unlawful incident. The finance minister has to show real progress in economy rather than blaming the past government and promising good future. In absence of real performance on ground, only words cannot take one very far. The information minister might be an exception, as his responsibility seems to thrash the opposition all the time, as was the practice in past. If the government is interested in real change, it must focus on real work not empty promises and blaming others.


Islamabad, December 20.