Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems in our country but no one is serious about it. The problem is arising from a number of reasons likelLack of women Empowerment, illiteracy among the masses, lack of family planning, strong religious beliefs that focus on expanding the family. The government needs to highlight these issues and find ways to find solutions too.

But here I am focusing on the major one- “Lack of Education”. People do not understand the effects of having more children than their income.

It is common sense to fulfill the needs of two children rather than 5 or 6. By having 2 or 3 children it will be easy for parents to fulfill their schooling, nutrient and other basic needs. Parents and children should understand it and try to solve this problem mutually. Television shows should be aired on this topic. Public service messages should be spread. Awareness campaigns should be arranged in this regard.

Besides all this family planning is the best and most appropriate solution. Couples should talk and understand each other.

Now the CJP is also trying to spread awareness on this issue. It is a much appreciated step and hopefully people will understand that overpopulation is a real problem.


Lahore, December 16.