LAHORE                -       Some songs are so touching that they become our favorites right away. Abdullah Qureshi has released his latest single “Aaja,” and to be very honest, it has been a while since a song has genuinely touched our hearts in a way this song does.

“Aaja” is a song that captures the emotions of love and pain. It talks about that phase in a relationship when things do not seem to go right or the way it was planned. The lyrics of the song written by Abdullah Qureshi himself are amazing. You can relate to every word of the song, and if you have been in a situation as depicted in the song, then you will find this song extremely addicting. The choice of soft music with the slow beats compliment the beautiful lyrics.

The crazy thing about this song is how easy it can take you away into a whole different world, and you feel like you are reliving that exact phase of love, pain, and confusion. The music video shows ShahmeeraSohail and Abdullah Qureshi as a couple, fighting over little things, arguing over different matters, and walking away from each other. To balance the mood of the song, there are flashbacks of the couple to the time when they were madly in love with each other.

Abdullah Qureshi is a young talent of Pakistan who started getting recognition through song covers on YouTube. His ability took him towards fame, landing him concerts throughout Pakistan. This was just the start for Abdullah Qureshi. His performance of Awaz Do and KitniSadiyan in Nescafe Basement season 4 and his cover song of Ilahi Teri Chokhat Par by JunaidJamshed gave him the breakthrough in his career.

He has come a long way since then. His singles TereLiye, Intezar, Kali Santro, and Chan Mahi from the movie HeerMaanJa have been loved by all, but Aaja tops them all.