LOS ANGELES (GN): Mollie King wants to young people overcome their dyslexia.

The Saturdays singer struggles with the learning disability - which involves difficulty reading - and has said the condition sometimes impacts her work as a DJ on UK radio station BBC Radio 1, because she finds it difficult to read out messages live on air.

She said: ‘’I do find reading really hard because I’m dyslexic. ‘’So if I’m reading out a text on air, I might slip up and read a word slightly wrong, then that does sit with me for a bit.

‘’But it’s all about brushing it off and just moving on, especially with the show being live. You can’t have it play on your mind throughout the rest of the show.

‘’Doing things live has made me better at just brushing things off and ploughing on, because I think the listeners don’t mind hearing a mistake every now and then - it proves I’m human.’’