ISLAMABAD             -         As the weather is getting more cold these days in the federal capital, the number of patients suffering with multiple winter diseases has increased in the government-run hospitals of the federal capital.

Officials of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic Hospital said Monday that the intense cold weather has Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) in hospitals.

Deputy Director PIMS Dr. Waseem Khawaja said that the number of OPD patients suffering with winter diseases has jumped to approximately 700 patients daily during the last ten days.

He said that this number also include OPD child patients.

Dr. Waseem said that a large number of patients are reported with seasonal flue, sore throat, high fever, cough, norovirus, joint pains, cold sores and dry skin.

He said that children are being reported with pneumonia due to the cold weather.

He added that the hospital according to its capacity has alerted the staff in OPDs due to the increasing number of patients.

He said that the patients influx at the new emergency has also increased which was particularly established to deal with the patients suffering with minor diseases. However, he said that patients still face difficulties in examination due to heavy burden on PIMS.

He urged citizens to take preventive measures in the intense cold weather to protect themselves from illnesses.

Dr. Waseem advised the citizens to wear extra clothing and including warm food in diet.

“Home-made foods, boiled eggs, soups are ideal for elder and children to keep them safe from pneumonia,” he said.

Meanwhile, a patient Mohammad Amir from Islamabad said that number of patients is increasing every year but the government has made no policy to cater this challenge.

“I waited two hours to get proper medical examination and prescription as I fell ill due to the cold weather,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sharif Astori from FGS Polyclinic Hospital said that patients suffering with chest infection, eyes allergy and asthma have increased in the hospital.

He said that the hospital emergency is receiving around 2000 patients daily including 1000 children. He said that though there are vacations in schools these days, yet number of children suffering with winter diseases is increasing.

Dr. Sahrif said that the Polyclinic hospital emergency is providing all medical facilities to patients visiting but the increased number has created some problems in attending the patients properly.

Dr. Sharif said that medicines are available at the hospital but citizens need to take preventive measures instead of visiting the hospitals.

He said that along with children, old age citizens and cardiac patients are also visiting the hospital emergency in this weather.

Dr. Sharif said that the cold weather will likely to continue for next one month and Islamabad citizens need to be careful in diet to stay healthy in this weather.