DUSHANBE              -          President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in his annual address to the Supreme Assembly has said the poverty rate in the country has declined to 27.5% and the average longevity went up to 75 years.  “Concurrently, based on analysis the mortality indicator decreased by almost two times, including the mortality among the children under the age of five by 3.2 times during the independence period. While the private sector’s share in GDP was 54% in 2013, it reached 70% in 2019. Overall, the targets for seven years envisaged in 2013 in the Presidential election campaign were reached,” he added. In his address, President of Tajikistan Rahmon outlined the main directions of the country’s domestic and foreign policy and set specific tasks for promoting foreign policy and ensuring economic, industrial, energy, roads, transportation, security, defense and law enforcement, health care, culture, science and education, social protection of the population, youth, sports and tourism. The President said: “This year is recorded as another successful year with the achievements and progress made by our people in the history of independent Tajikistan. Implementation of activities mentioned in the “National Development Strategy of Tajikistan to 2030” and “Mid-term Development Program of Tajikistan for 2016-2020” facilitated making firm steps in achieving our supreme objective, i.e. improving the living standards of the noble people on Tajikistan. In 2019, the real growth of GDP made 7.5% and this indicator was achieved through increased production of industrial products by 13.4%, agricultural products by 7.1%, trade by 8% and fee-based services by 1.6%. During the last seven years, the average annual growth of the country’s economy constituted 7% and the GDP increased from 45.6 billion TJS in 2013 to 78 billion TJS in 2019.”