KARACHI - About 100 acre land has been earmarked for People's Housing in Karachi (50 acre in Deh Nagan and 50 acre in Deh Surjani). Possession of 50 acre land in Deh Nagan was taken over by the Peoples Housing Cell, while remaining 50 acre land in Deh Surjani was under illegal occupation. As a follow up of decision taken in the meeting of Peoples Housing Cell Steering Committee held on January 26, 2009, under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Sindh, Agha Taimur Khan, Minister for Housing, Zia-ul-Islam, Special Assistant to Chief Minister; EDO (Rev), CDGK, Tanseem Ahmed Siddiqui; Chairman, SAIBAN and others paid a visit to the land earmarked for housing in Taiser Town. Chief Minister during the above meeting showed his displeasure for delay in handing over possession of land to PHC. Minister for Housing during site visit directed the Revenue Staff and police to make immediate plan for removing encroachments from 50 acre land in Deh Surjani and hand over peaceful possession to PHC. The land in Deh Nagan, which was handed over to PHC was also visited by the minister and his team. During site inspection he directed the police and revenue staff to keep strict vigilance over there till work is started. Before the site inspection, a briefing was given by Tanseem Ahmed Siddiqui, Chairman, SAIBAN, about their activities in housing sector and the successful story of Khuda Ki Basti project, launched by SAIBAN in Karachi.