Before the PPP leadership had corruption cases against it withdrawn in exchange for giving Pervez Musharraf a safe passage, Mr Farhatullah Babar used to write high-sounding articles in the press exposing corruption and misuse of authority by senior officers of the Armed Forces. He was a vocal proponent of bringing the army-dominated intelligence services under the civilian control. Having become President Asif Zardari's spokesperson after PPP's assumption of power, Mr Babar has quietened down considerably. In the light of his articles (a record of which is available online), and his current position of authority, may I ask him how many officers of the Armed Forces his government has brought to book on charges of corruption? How many generals have been tried on charges of treason which the former COAS and his coterie of corps commanders committed on November 3, 2007? -MUHAMMED IDRIS, Stockholm, Sweden, via e-mail, January 18.