LAHORE - The Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) teams Friday morning discontented electricity supply to the de Montmorency College of Dentistry/ Punjab Dental Hospital Lahore due to non-payment of arrears Rs7.5 million causing serious problems to the patients and the hospital matters. The electricity supply was disconnected at 10:30am and was not restored till late night, the sources in the hospital said. Hospital's doctors refused many patients to treat advising them to go to other hospitals till the electricity was not restored. The hospital management made their stringent efforts by holding series of talks with the Lesco authorities and by involving the Punjab Health department in the issue but to no avail. The Lesco officers refused the hospital administration saying that Wapda itself was facing energy crisis these days. Resultantly, patients had to suffer and had to return without treatment. Medical Superintended Punjab Dental Hospital, Dr Abul Sattar Akhtar said the electricity supply was disconnected due to non-payment of arrears to the Lesco. The reason, he said, was the budget being allocated for the hospital for electricity bills, which was only two million annually. He said that the said budget was not increased for the last five years despite the fact that the electricity tariff has increased hundred times. He further said that the hospital has also faced the same situation in December 2008 when electricity supply was disconnected for 15 days due to the same reason putting the patients in lurch. He said the matter was then brought to the notice of the Punjab secretary Health. The hospital administration then submitted a proposal to the Punjab Health department about increase in the budget for electricity and also asked the said department for an additional grant of Rs 10 million so that hospital could pay their electricity dues for restoration of the power supply. MS said that the secretary Health immediately took action and moved a summery to the Finance department for the approval of the grant of Rs10 million but the summery was not further presented before the Punjab Chief Minister for the final approval. Resultantly, he said the Lesco officials again disconnected power supply to the hospital on Friday. To a query, MS said that the hospital was holding negotiations with the de Montmorency College of Dentistry management to provide them Rs 500,000 on emergency basis that would be paid to the Lesce for the restoration of electricity supply temporarily. To another question, he said the hospital has no sufficient alternate energy system. It is well to mention here that the Punjab Health department had already asked the Lesco authorities to give relaxation to the public hospitals in tariff in the large interest of the patients but no initiative was taken in this regard so far.