MIRPURKHAS - Karachi East disabled team have won the all Sindh wheelchair cricket tournament by defeating Sanghar team by 56 runs on Friday at Gama Stadium Mirpurkhas. All Sindh wheel chair cricket tournament was held at Gama Stadium Mirpurkhas under Gulistan-e-Mazoreen center Mirpurkhas with the collaboration of district government Mirpurkhas. Seven teams of the Sindh province including Karachi East, Karachi west, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas A, Mirpurkhas B, Sanghar and Nawabshah participated. Each match was played with five mandatory overs. In the first quarter-final, Karachi West beat against Hyderabad by two wickets, while in second quarter-final Mirpurkhas B beat Nawabshah by five runs. Sanghar beat Karachi east by three wickets in third quarter-final and in fourth quarter-final Mirpurkhas A was given advantage to go in seminal due to being in by. In the first semi-final, Sanghar beat Mirpurkhas A by 14 runs and Karachi west beat Mirpurkhas B by six wickets. "In final match, Karachi east defeated Sanghar by 56 runs. Karachi east elected to bat and made total 96 runs in five mandatory overs without losing any wicket as Ayub and Waqas made 43 and 35 runs respectively while Sanghar might be made only 40 runs. Chief guest DCO Mirpurkhas Ghulam Hussain Memon in his speech of prize distribution ceremony promised that district government will suffer all expenses of holding all Pakistan wheel chair cricket tournament at Mirpurkhas and providing the funds to Mirpurkhas special sports and welfare association. Special guest MPA Shamim Aara Panhwer announced to give RS 10000 for the association while EDO finance Mirpurkhas announced to give RS 3000. On this occasion, DCO Mirpurkhas and MPA Shamim Aara Panhwer have distributed the winner and runner up trophies to the captains of the winner and runner teams. Patron of the association Afaq Ahmed advocate earlier presented the sapasnama. Inter Varsity athletics