LONDON (APP) - Former chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Ehsan Mani has advocated the need for good governance in Pakistan Cricket Board as a way towards resolving crisis facing the organisation. "The basic element is good governance. If you don't have good governance from top to the bottom, the cricket is not going anywhere in Pakistan," he told APP in an interview. His remarks follow a turbulent week in Pakistan cricket with former captain Javed Miandad giving up his post as director-general after disagreements within the governing body as well as replacement of national captain Shoaib Malik by Younus Khan in the wake of team's humiliating 234-run loss to Sri Lanka in the third one-day at Lahore which handed the visitors a 2-1 series win. He pointed out that the cricket starts at the school and club levels and then works its up in a structured way. "We seem to have forgotten that. We've ignored both school and club cricket and we still expect the country to produce State cricketers which will not happen." The Rawalpindi-born Mani called for a sound grass root system serving as a nursery and at the higher level he suggested resources for man management, educating and mentoring the players. "This is important so that we don't lose talented players like Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Asif. They are great talent but totally unguided missiles." Speaking against political interference in the Board, he said that this has grown since the times of former President General Zia-ul-Haq. Mani who heads the United National Bank in UK was of the view that the cricket associations must be free to nominate the head of the board based on his competency in governance. " The Patron by all means should rubber stamp the nomination in case there is someone who is totally unacceptable from the governance point of view and not from political standpoint. The patron should be a benevolent person and 99 per cent of the time he should accept recommendations of the cricket stake holders." In this regard, he said that transparency in the board is also essential and all appointments must be according to the laid down procedures, rules and regulations. He expressed his apprehension that Australia will not tour Pakistan in April because of their security concerns. Opposing playing on neutral venues, Mani said that if this trend gain currency, Pakistan will lose out in the long run and marginalised. He called for striking balance saying that if Australia agrees to play in Dubai, they could surely hop over to Karachi for a one-day match and to Lahore as well. "Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism but this does not mean that the team should stop playing cricket in its own country."Mani also criticised ban placed by PCB on players appearing in the break-away Indian Cricket League and questioned the wisdom of the board of disallowing the players from playing in the domestic competition.He pointed out that neither England nor Sri Lanka have banned their players from the domestic matches. "Why are we supporting India so blindly. In our need of hour, India has never supported Pakistan." Responding to a question, Mani said PCB must demand through the ICC that India should not mix politics with cricket. "If the Indian Government is going to determine the Indian cricket policy, I think the ICC should have serious problems. When I was the ICC Chief, I did not allow this."