ISLAMABAD - The residents of the twin cities are extremely exasperated with the presence of brothels across the twin cities, with authorities concerned giving a cold shoulder to the matter. In response to the news story published in TheNation on 26th of this month, some residents of the twin cities contacted this scribe to record their voice against the malicious trade of flesh under the garb of health related activities in the residential areas. Further investigations to the matter revealed that such brothels were operating in almost every residential sector and colonies. From makeshift huts in slum areas to the posh elite localities, the detestable practice is witnessing an alarming rise under the cover of massage centres, beauty parlours, fitness clubs, marriage bureaus and heath clinics. Some residents of the sectors of F series in the Capital told this scribe that other than foreigners-run brothels, the local brothels were also fast mushrooming in the aforementioned localities. Details gathered by this correspondent revealed that two brothels in the name of massage centres are operating in the sector F-6/2 and F-6/3, run by the locals. An infamous guesthouse serves the same purpose in sector F-7/1. The inhabitants of the area said that it was a matter of shame for them to live in a place where such activities were on the rise. "We are ashamed of the fact that we could see this practice going on in our neighbourhood, but can't stop it," they said. Likewise, the alleged brothels being run in sectors G and F-10 are also carrying on their activities in connivance with the police, alleged the masses. It's really disturbing to see countless unknown strangers coming and going from our streets. "It's all because of this brothel that runs here, the police are well aware of this practice but do nothing," lamented the inhabitants of G-10/2," observed a resident. In addition, TheNation also observed that the practice of prostitution is left unchecked by the police in the peripheral areas of Commercial Market, Satellite Town and posh areas of Rawalpindi including Scheme III and Westridge. People revealed that some senior officials as well as several low rankers of Rawalpindi Police were the regular customers of flesh in Westridge and Scheme III. "What to talk about police Some of them are getting 'services' and 'commissions' from these brothels," deplored the masses. Meanwhile, residents of E-11, F-8 and G-11, where the alleged foreign brothels are being run lamented that nothing had been done by the concerned police despite media reports unveiling the presence of said brothels in these areas. "Though police officials visited the said venues, but did not take any action against them. It seems that matter is settled through heavy 'commissions'" residents deplored. When contacted, the concerned police officials cited the same ready-made excuses related to the apathy of people to step ahead against the perpetrators and close contacts of the flesh traders with higher-ups. An official of Kohsar Police Station, demanding anonymity, outrightly rejected the reports about the presence of brothels in F-6 and F-7 sectors. "By the grace of Allah, we have eradicated this practice. However, if there are any few left, we would finish them very soon," he claimed.