The reaction against Israel's brutal bombardments on hapless Palestinians among the masses of the non-Muslim western world is greater than the one in Ummah. Ironically, most Muslim countries are observing a strange quiet. Large protest demonstrations have been held across Europe as well as in several cities of US and other non-Muslim countries against Israeli atrocities and in support of Palestinians. Amazingly most of these demonstrations were organized by non Muslim leaders and human right activists while majority of the participants (10000 in each city) were also non-Muslims. That speaks volumes for the high moral values of common western masses and their respect for human rights. Would some organization and particularly the religious parties here in Pakistan or some other Muslim counties demonstrate such moral high mindedness if some non-Muslim nation or people are subjected to persecution and atrocities somewhere in the world? On the Gaza massacre, articles can be found in every newspaper, websites and magazine lambasting the Israeli aggression and urging the 'international' community to take measures to stop this 'outrage'. -ASAD SULEMAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 16.