State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is announcing its monetary policy for January to June today. Among the 15 developed and developing countries in the world, Pakistan's rate of interest is highest. Presently, US discount rate is 0.25 percent only, while Vietnam's 12 percent, Indonesia's 9.5 percent, Sri Lanka's 10.5 percent, India's 7.5, Britain's 2 percent, Euro Zone 2.5 percent, Canada 1.5 percent, Australia's 4.3 percent, China's 5.6 percent an Japan's 0.30 percent only. Besides, Korea's 3 percent, Malaysia 3.3 percent, Thailand 2.8 percent, and Philippine discount rate at 6 percent. This depicts that among these 15 countries, Pakistan's 15 percent discount rate is the highest.