KARACHI - Feedback from the viewers can help people, associated with the entertainment industry, mend their work and motivate them to strive for the best. But, over the years, time has proved that quality of production has been a hallmark of women producers as compared to men. At PTV, Sultana Siddiqui and Saira Kazmi had left concrete imprints on the minds of their viewers with their production quality. Great work has its own value and it stands at a strong level. The young blood in the mainstream production today has shown variety and versatility outlook in their work. A TV enthusiast Shenaz Ramzi commented, "Among the producers row for boosting Pakistani drama industry, Momina Duraid is probably the best and grab the top slot of the producers, as she has been successful in producing several quality plays." She said, "Atiqa Odho, Mehreen Jabbar, Zeba Bakhtiar and Rubina Ashraf have gave a new wave in the line of drama production. The way they knit stories to sensitivity, no man in the production field can do that." There was a time when men held the supreme position as far as producing and directing plays were concerned. But the road has been rebuild as private channels have paved the way ahead for stronger media production and a teamwork that encourages young women to become a part of it.