ISLAMABAD - Alleged nepotism coupled with administrative irregularities was witnessed during induction process of the house-job officers held two weeks back at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), blatantly ignoring the deserving candidates, TheNation has learnt. According to the sources within the hospital administration, some deserving and brilliant candidates of the Dental Department were deprived of their right. Once again, the trainee doctors who had already availed themselves of the paid house-jobs were inducted while the non-paid candidates who have been undergoing from their house job training for the last eight to ten months were marginalised. Over a dozen candidates had appeared in tests for the house-job officers training in the Dental Department but only six were selected. Being an utter surprise for the students, one of their colleagues had qualified the written test and her name was displayed in the list of qualified candidates. Later, her name was placed in the waiting list. The tale of favouritism does not end there, the student who had 'topped the house-job test was one with notorious reputation of having a poor academic record and short attendance. The induction for house-jobs are allegedly politically motivated and strongly inter-linked to personal contacts, liking, and disliking. Besides, out of those six candidates, three were those who were already being paid Rs18,000 per month. The new induction process was held to give opportunity to fresh candidates but instead of selecting the candidates doing house-job training on non-payment, the already paid candidates were selected. The selected candidates are having short attendance during their training and also have a poor performance record sources continued. The remaining three candidates those who were put on the waiting list also do not qualify the set criteria and they had a disputed academic record, sources further informed. When some candidates contacted ED, Dr Ghazala Mehmood, she refused to listen to their grievances, the sources said. It is worth-recalling here that without any appointment of a permanent head at PIMS, continuous mismanagement on part of the hospital administration goes unchecked causing numerous problems. When Acting Executive Director PIMS, Dr Ghazala Mehmood was contacted in this regard, she insisted that according to the rules, it was not possible to re-induct a house-job trainee. She assured that she would look into the matter and if any kind of irregularity was found, she would revert the decision.