KOLKATA - Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan on Monday held the present leadership of both India and Pakistan responsible for not being able to resolve the Kashmir issue.“The Kashmir issue can’t be solved unilaterally and I am hopeful that the present generation will change things,” Imran Khan said at the Kolkata Literary Meet of the Kolkata Book Fair. Khan suggested that leaders of both India and Pakistan to sit across the negotiation table to resolve the Kashmir issue.“We are carrying a huge baggage of history. There is no leader who can take the risk for the future, neither in Pakistan nor in India.”“The issue (Kashmir) needs to be resolved in a civilised way. The dividend of peace is enormous. Although it has not happened yet, I am hopeful that the issue will be resolved eventually,” he said.Imran said “It will happen because the new generation does not have any baggage of history. This is the time to lead and mould public opinion. The leaders should not follow public sentiments, but they should lead.”Evading a query on what his party would like to do on improving the Indo-Pak relationship, Khan said that people of both countries should understand that friendship would benefit both of them. “People of both Pakistan and India want friendship. But it is the leadership which creates problems. But I am hopeful the new generation in both the countries will change things,” he said.Khan said that Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption would be more effective if the Gandhian joins politics. “If Anna Hazare forms a party and captures power, then he will be far more effective in fighting corruption,” Khan said. “You can be the most powerful pressure group, but if the government doesn’t have the political will to fight corruption, then you can have any legislation you want to but eventually they will be implemented by the government.”Giving the example of Pakistan, the former cricketer said that its Supreme Court was fighting corruption but the government stalled the moves. “We have an independent Supreme Court which is the best in fighting corruption, but we have a government which is totally inactive and is stalling the Supreme Court. It attacks the court to protect itself,” he said, adding there is no shortcut in fighting corruption.“So eventually, there is no shortcut. Wherever corruption has been reduced to a manageable level, all have been by a determined government with a political will,” Khan said.