ISLAMABAD - Despite the directives of the government to regularise all the daily-wage and contractual employees, over 600 employees including teaching and non-teaching staff of model colleges are still awaiting to get regularised.Among them about 200 are junior lady teachers and lecturers and 425 are non-teaching staff of BPS-1 to 15. According to information the cabinet subcommittee on regularisation of daily wage and contracts employees had notified the regularisation of all the daily-wage and contractual employees working in all the ministries and their attached departments on March 31, 2011 according to which 250 teachers were regularised in November 2011. But about 200 lecturers and junior lady teachers and 425 supporting staff still await their regularisation. As their colleagues have been regularised and getting salaries, anxiety has sparked among the daily wagers and contractual employees. “All our colleagues have been regularised but we have still been waiting the notification,” regretted a junior lady teacher. The officials of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) have been saying for the last three months that new seats would be created then they would be regularised but not making any efforts to create posts so that their services can be regularised, she said. Despite the fact that they have been working for years and many of them have spent 10 to 17 years of their lives in these institutions yet their services have not been regularised.   Ironically, they are not given the salaries during summer vacation as they work on daily-wage basis. The lecturers were appointed in B-17 on daily wage basis in different model educational institutions of Islamabad working under FDE.In spite of possessing high qualifications and rendering years of services to the satisfaction of the institutions, their salaries range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 monthly with no other facilities and allowances. According to sources on the one hand such genuine employees have been asked to wait until the creation of new seats by the Finance Ministry but on the other hand contractual employees of different projects of defunct Education Ministry whom the Planning Commission had asked to relieve their services have been regularised.    It’s also important to be stated that the directorate had asked the colleges to increase the salaries of lecturers from 8000 to 10,000 and for junior lady teachers from 6000 to 8000. But only few colleges have increased the salary and the rest have totally refused to implement the decision.  The officials of CADD and FDE say that for the creation of posts case has been moved to Finance Ministry. Joint Education Advisor and spokesperson of CADD Rafiq Tahir could not be contacted for comments.