LAHORE - The Advanced Level Course on Power System Analysis for the engineers of power transmission companies started at NTDCL here on Monday. 17 engineers were being provided hands-on expertise on the PSS/E (Power System Simulation for Engineers) under the three weeks training program, said a statement of NTDC.

“The scope of the training extends to develop the capacity of the trainees to analyze and propose solutions to remove the bottlenecks in the system  - such as overloading of transmission lines and transformers, low voltage profile, as well as reduction in system losses by utilizing state of the art Power System Analysis (PSS/E) software – an internationally renowned tool of power system analysis.”  The NTDCL spokesman said that the training was a continuation process of the Power System Analysis Training launched by the Energy Policy Project, earlier this month.

Under the USAID, the Energy Policy Project was providing support to the government to increase power generation, decrease transmission losses and increase recoveries by investing in selected energy projects and supporting GOP reforms effort with technical assistance and new technologies, he added.